You can get a 10% increase in harvest – if you use NanoSilicon fertilizer.

In a hot climate, the main problems for agriculture and landscaping of urban areas are drought and stress for plants from the heat.

High technologies have allowed scientists to create products with a unique complex of biologically active elements that, in synergy with each other, can successfully solve the above-mentioned problems.

The effect of nanosilicon has several directions, of which it is worth highlighting an increase in the root system, an increase in photosynthetic activity, the removal of the harmful effects of stress and an increase in the water-retaining ability of plants.

NanoSilicon makes it possible to realize the genetic potential inherent in plants.


The economic benefits of using nanosilicon are many times higher than the costs of its use.


This product is supplied in concentrated form for easy transportation, storage and use. In most cases, the application rate is 100 g of nanosilicon per 1 hectare.

Transportation: by any means of transport

Storage: excluding direct sunlight, from -40 °C to +45 °C

The most effective use in conjunction with biological preparations.


The products have passed registration tests and have been registered in the following countries:

  • Russian Federation: No. 508-11-2001-1 dated 01.10.2018;
  • Republic of Belarus: No. 11-05-0142 dated 12.03.2020;
  • Republic of Uzbekistan: No. 5.13.91 dated 27.02.2019;
  • Republic of Kazakhstan: no. KZ47VCF00005821 dated 28.11.2019;
  • Republic of Kyrgyzstan: No. 2358 of 03.03.2021;
  • Republic of Armenia: No. 1.816 of 13.04.2021;
  • Latvia: No. H0.08-2035-20 from 07.12.2020;
  • Luxembourg (Belgium) No. EM099.Q from 03/29/2022;
  • Georgia: No.2007 dated 20.07.2022

Our company has a stable production capable of providing the necessary volume of products. We are always looking forward to new partners and expanding the sales market.


Results of application of NanoSilicon fertilizer:

  • Reduces the cost of agricultural products
  • Significantly (more than 10%) increases productivity
  • Improves the quality and competitiveness of agricultural products
  • Significantly extends the shelf life and improves the taste and appearance of vegetables, fruits and berries
  • Relieves stress in plants caused by treatment with agrochemicals
  • In combination with mineral fertilizers significantly increases the efficiency of their use
  • Improves the assimilation of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements by plants
  • When processing planting material, it promotes the development and strengthening of the root system, increases germination and seed germination energy, increases frost resistance and helps the rapid recovery of plants after wintering and frosts
  • Improves tillering and fruit formation processes
  • Promotes the extension of the assimilation activity of the photosynthetic apparatus in plants, which leads to a greater accumulation of biomass and an increase in yield
  • Gives plants mechanical strength, strengthens the walls of epidermal cells and prevents lodging
  • Increases plant resistance to fungal and other diseases
  • Participates in the process of supporting the internal water reserve, which is one of the mechanisms that allows plants to survive in drought conditions
  • Reduces the accumulation of nitrates and heavy metals in plants.

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